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These are online services/shops we have used and feel good about recommending to our family and friends.
One word of caution: before ordering or signing up at ANY commercial site, read carefully their TOS (Terms of Service) and Privacy Policy. You may be spammed to death simply because you didn't "OPT-OUT" of a site's mailing lists. Better yet, get yourself a web email address that has strong spam controls or that you can abandon if the spam gets out of hand. And by all means, write to the site that spammed you and let them know you will not be shopping with them again because of the spam.
I had no problem with Amazon or Webshots, but Smart Bargains was a spam disaster.

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And there is always, of course, the ubiquitous Amazon. I hear on the news they've finally started to show a profit. Hooray! I shop this place daily (well, weekly, maybe) and I've never had a problem. Back in '97 I signed up for their associates program and with the help of my son and his dad buying their Christmas gifts through my link have made just over $37.00 in Amazon gift certificates as of 2008. Move over, Mr. Trump, I'm hot on your heels! Hehehe. Hey, help me out here?

By all means get yourself a wish list here...especially if you get any kind of gifts from me...I've got an Amazon wish list for myself & it not only serves to inform others of my choices, but reminds me of things I've had an interest in from time to time and gives me an easy way to do comparison shopping.


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One of my favorite services, I've been using Webshots for years. Back in November 2002, I signed up for their premium service. It's a real eye-opener to see how much faster pages load when the ads are removed!!
Check out my PHOTO ALBUMS! (Please, oh, pretty please? I don't get money for it, but it does my heart good to see that people are looking at my pics.)

Webshots! Over 20 MILLION FREE screen saver and wallpaper photos!