The Miller's Wish List

After over half a century of giving and receiving gifts on various special occasions, I've found a wish list to be invaluable both for those gifts I would like to receive and for selecting gifts for others. It is very frustrating to ask someone, "What would you like for your birthday?" and get the answer, "Oh, I don't know. Surprise me."
That is all very well if you know the person well and have an idea of his desires, but for family members or friends with whom you have only occasional contact, it's unacceptable.
So, thinking of those who are obliged or desirous of giving gifts to me and mine, I've designed this wish list page.

Generic Gifts

Wind Chimes
Pot Pourri
Scented Candles
Stick Incense
Bird Feeders
Garden Decor

For Carl

Flavored Coffees
Summer Sausage
GC's for Wal-Mart so he can buy Hot Wheels

If you shop online, lots of this stuff can be found at Amazon.


Online shopping is very easy at I spend a lot of money here.
By all means get yourself a wish list here...especially if you get any kind of gifts from me...I've got an Amazon wish list for myself & it not only serves to inform others of my choices, but reminds me of items I've had an interest in from time to time.

These are on my wish list

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